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Motion controlled gaming without a handset in Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect was announced at a huge performance at the 2010 E3 trade show. Last year, Microsoft announced project Natal, which has officially been renamed the Kinect – maybe as a cross-marketing effort with the Kin phone. The Xbox Kinect uses full-body motion capture to control games. The Kinect will release in October or November as an add-on to Xbox 360.

How the Xbox 360 Kinect will work

A two-camera system is built into the Xbox Kinect. Depth is captured by one camera, when another takes RGB color photographs and video. Combined, these cameras can re-create full body motion.This user interface system will eliminate the need for a hand-held controller.

Games on the Kinect

The Xbox Kinect system is going to be bundled with games and may have separate games available. These games will consist of a Star Wars game from LucasArts. There are also six “base” games the Kinect will be released with. Numerous gamers are already drooling over the possibility of Halo Reach migrating to Kinect.

Is the Xbox Kinect your only option?

Hands-free or controller-free control systems for games are under development given that the Nintendo Wii. However, you will find other alternatives to the Microsoft Kinect. Sony’s Move system will sell for about half the price of the Kinect. The original success of the Nintendo Wii proved that gaming consoles could be sold to someone other than just hard-core gamers. Considering the first Microsoft XBox lost over $ 1 billion, it isn’t a surprise they’re trying to “add on” rather than release a new system.

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